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Dubai, UAE - 03 December 2021  This is the second in our series of articles that explore our four principles of Freedom, Wealth, Adventure and Connection. Dubai is one of my favorite cities. I love its vibrancy. It is constantly changing, developing and improving. I...

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Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan - 05 November 2021  This is the first of a series of Global Investor articles that will explore our four key principles - Freedom, Wealth, Adventure and Connection. My office this week overlooks the Irtysh River in the East Kazakhstan...

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Manuka Gold Part II

Issue 21.9, Auckland, 25 October 2021  We introduced you to Manuka Biosciences a few weeks ago. We first invested in Manuka in 2017. Earlier this year, we took on an even larger stake in the company, with high expectations for a reasonable multiplier return in the...

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Manuka Gold Part 1

Issue 21.8, East Cape North Island, New Zealand, 31 August 2021  We source deals for Obris members from across the planet. Our portfolio demonstrates considerable diversity of locations as well as industries. Quite often we invest in asymmetrical opportunities close...

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A Case for Private Towns

Issue 21.6, Auckland, 02 July 2021 Are you happy with where you live?More specifically, do you like your home… the people you call your neighbors… the feel of your community… the government that makes the rules… the reputation of the country that you identify with...

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FROM TOURING MINES AROUND THE GLOBE TO INVESTING IN PRECIOUS METALS – An Interview with Larry Scharf, Senior VP at Raymond James Financial

Issue 21.5, Auckland, 7 May 2021 Larry Scharf's fascination with precious metals began when he was five years old. By the time he was a teenager, he began studying history through numismatics. That led to studying finance and how financial markets work.   Who knew...

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Issue 21.3, Auckland, 27 April 2021 LeVar Fraiser founded his first business in 1997. He successfully exited that venture to start several multi-million dollar enterprises. Now in his mid-40s, LeVar is semi-retired.   Semi-retired is rather common for people in...

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