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Issue 21.7, Auckland, 07 July 2021 


In Case you missed it…

We introduced the private town concept in last week’s Global Investor. Toward the end of the article, I introduced you to Gabriel Scheare.

Gabriel is a youthful Canadian entrepreneur who moved from the Prairie of Saskatchewan to the Coast of Chile nearly a decade ago.

Once settled in Chile, he began fulfilling his dream to create a private town for himself and others who, like Gabriel, longed to live freely and to thrive amongst a community of like-minded people.

Following the past year of unrest in Chile, Gabriel returned with his wife and young daughter to his native Canada earlier this year. He is negotiating a land purchase and is beginning to promote his second town creation, Frenly Park.

My interview with Gabriel is worth a watch or listen. He describes the foundation on which he built Fort Galt in Chile and is now building Frenly Park in Saskatchewan.

Like Gabriel, you may also find the Private Town a place to call home, and to thrive.


Gabriel Scheare, Frenly Park Founder


James on Behalf of the Obris Team