Issue 21.3, Auckland, 27 April 2021 

LeVar Fraiser founded his first business in 1997. He successfully exited that venture to start several multi-million dollar enterprises. Now in his mid-40s, LeVar is semi-retired.


Semi-retired is rather common for people in the Obris circle. For most, it means that they have transitioned from working for their money in a career to making their money work for them. I prefer to call them active investors.

For LeVar, being semi-retired means balancing a telecom consulting business, a crypto mining farm and consulting business that he shares with two other Obris members, mentoring 20-something entrepreneurs, coaching his kids’ sports games, traveling and raising his family. He also recently started his own podcast, CRF Ventures, to educate novice investors.

The financial guidance LeVar offers others boils down to one statement, Make Sure Your Money is Always Working for You.

I caught up with LeVar last week at his office in Milton, Georgia (USA). We like to periodically spotlight Obris members in the Global Investor Podcast to give you a taste of what a healthy active investor community looks like. LeVar is a great example.

Please tune into my interview with LeVar to gain your own insights and practical advice on active investing and making your money work for you.

LeVar (on the left) with our friend Reggie and me at the Panama Canal during an Obris event.

Stay tuned for details on the next live Global Investor Summit we are planning for late 2021.

James on behalf of the Obris team.