The Premier Membership

How does the Obris Premier Membership compare to the Standard Membership?

High Net Worth Investors

Our Premier Members are established investors already investing in larger deals. They seek long-term security and stability.

A More Refined Taste

We create bespoke events and exceptional experiences for all members. For Premier Members we provide high-touch, unique events that blend adventure, business and extraordinary relationship-building.

1st opportunity Bespoke Deals

Premier Members get first touch of exclusive Obris deals and can get more involved in our deal flow. This is advantageous and can be very lucrative.

For the interested

What are the requirements for applying?

Must be accredited or qualified

We cannot accept applications that do not meet these minimum requirements for investing in our deals.

25,000 USD yearly membership fee

This is the yearly membership fee only. This gives you first opportunity access to our bespoke deals, network and events.

You are a collaborator

You understand that the universal law of attraction applies and you are a participant, not a spectator in life.

You are confident but not arrogant

You have a healthy ego, but you live by the mantra “walk softly, carry a big stick.” If you are a braggart or feel the need to let us all know how great you are, please don’t bother.

obris premier membership
Apply for Premier Membership

Enhance your net worth, build a high-profile network and experience truly unique adventures by becoming a premium member.

To be considered for Obris Premier membership you must apply. After you submit the form, one of our partners – Mark, Marvin or James – will contact you to arrange a time for an interview and payment.