Obris is a private network of investors and family offices, dedicated to growing wealth exponentially by investing in diversified, global opportunities.

Every Obris investment is bespoke. Our first and foremost commitment is to our members. Each deal is crafted to maximize returns to those who invest.

Every deal we consider goes through a rigorous due diligence process led by the Obris Team. We are fortunate to have the backing of Crown Private’s financial, administrative and legal teams to ensure that we cover all the bases.

RealVision TV investors

Additional capital raised at over 5x the purchase price

We seeded the Company, which has gone on to raise additional capital at over 5x our purchase price. We believe the Company will be acquired in the near future, providing liquidity for our investors.

CFS Debt Fund

Average returns exceed 30% per year

The CFS Debt Fund, alternative asset financing has successfully lent money for property development, trade financing and financing management buyouts. Average returns exceed 30% pa with no bad or doubtful debts in the past 3 years since the service has been in operation. The largest individual investor returns are at 61.5% pa. We are looking to expand this business to other commonwealth jurisdictions with similar regulations like Australia.

Coinbase investors

20x valuation in just 2 years after secondary offering

We participated in a secondary offering of Coinbase at a valuation of $400M. Our position was bid at 3x that valuation just 6 months later. We sold some shares and held some back. Coinbase was recently valued at $8B, which is 20x in less than 2 years. We believe the Company will IPO in the next year or two, creating another multiple.

While we love to invest, we also love to explore unique and exotic locations, and have a lot of fun in the process.

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Members of Obris come from diverse backgrounds. All are leaders and pioneers in their fields.

Tech entrepreneurs. Educators from Harvard and Stanford. Doctors. Hedge fund managers. Venture capitalists. Real estate moguls and wine makers. The list goes on…

Although Members come from over a dozen different countries, the threads that bind them together are freedom of thought and a deep desire to connect with other like-minded individuals who share our values.