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Obris is an exclusive and private global network of individual investors and family offices dedicated to growing their wealth exponentially by investing in a diversified portfolio of global opportunities.

Founded in 2012 by partners from opposite ends of the globe, Obris empowers its Members to co-invest with the principals, self-directing their portfolio as they see fit, whilst utilizing Obris’ formidable global network and resources.



Thanks to Obris’ unique structure and bespoke nature it has proven to be an unparalleled vehicle for advanced global networking and relationship building.

As seen in

“Obris is the evolution of Adventure Capitalism.”

Members of Obris come from diverse backgrounds:

tech entrepreneurs; educators from Harvard and Stanford; doctors; hedge fund managers; venture capitalists; real estate moguls and winemakers.

All are leaders and pioneers in their fields.

Although Members come from over a dozen different countries, the threads that bind them together are freedom of thought and a deep desire to connect with other like-minded individuals who share our values.

Membership is by referral or application.

All prospective Members are meticulously vetted by Obris’ Partners and Advisors.

New Members are ultimately selected based on the unique contributions and experience that they will bring to the group.

Apply for a Membership

Please follow one of the links below to apply for Obris membership. 

Standard membership may be completed online.  To be considered for Obris Premier, you will need to complete an application.  When we receive your application it will be reviewed immediately. We will then contact you within 48 hours to arrange a call with one of the Partners.