Issue 19.1, Auckland, 05 July 2019

Check out the latest Global Investor Podcast. We recorded an interview with Aly Moore of Entopian Capital. Entopian is the first large scale VC fund that seeks to identify the winners in the insect as food and feed industry.

Aly’s story is fascinating. After studying public health at Yale, Aly searched for a way to address the challenges to nutritiously feed our growing world population. She started the blog Bugible.com to support the growing insect agriculture industry and slowly grew a cult following on Instagram. To reach broader audiences, Aly created Eat Bugs Events, which as it sounds promotes insects as food through Bug & Wine Pairings, Bug Dinners & Bug Cooking Classes.

Listen to the podcast to learn about Aly, her passion for bugs, and how she and the Entopian team are funding this cutting edge industry.