Obris members are sophisticated citizens of the world. Many of us carry a second passport or have residency in countries that offer lower taxes, greater freedom than our home country and a luxurious and safe place to call home. 

If you know Obris, you know that we host meet up events all over the world. We chose Panama for several reasons, one of the most important being that a number of our members call Panama home, and they are all exuberant about the reasons to domicile in Panama.

Panama is a rare gem. Few countries offer world class amenities one would associate with New York, Paris, Singapore, Miami or Dubai, but at a fraction of the cost. Straddling both North and South America, it is relatively easy to access Panama from almost anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the most valuable reason to consider residency in Panama is financial peace of mind. As a resident, only your Panama income will be taxed. All foreign sourced income is exempt from taxation. The financial and banking infrastructures parallel Singapore and are growing even more advanced every day. 

Panama wants quality residents from around the world. The Panama government has created efficient systems for foreigners from 50 countries identified as “Friendly Nations” to establish residency that leads to citizenship and a Panama passport. Obris members can attest that the process is remarkably straight-forward, particularly if you have a competent immigration law firm to walk you through the residency process.

The Friendly Nations Visa is for “Foreign nationals from specific countries that
maintain friendly, professional, economic, and investment relationships
with the Republic of Panama.”

With that in mind, we have partnered with the Panamanian law firm, Argon Law. Javier Arosemena, founder and senior partner at Argon, has personally managed the residency process for many people in our network. Javier will join us at the Panama event. We have devoted the first half of Day 2 to residency, during which time Javier will walk us through residency, taxation and incorporating in Panama. Javier and his team will be available throughout the event.

With some advance planning before the July event, you could leave Panama with your residency. We have prepared a brochure to help you start the process. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to be introduced to Javier and Argon. 

Come to Panama from 15-20 July. Meet attorneys, bankers, expats and residents who call Panama home and have called Panama home for well more than a decade. We will introduce you to everyone you need to know to establish residency. We will also introduce you to trustworthy individuals who can assist with renting and purchasing real estate. 

Spend the week exploring Panama residency and investment. There are significant opportunities to invest and to make money but finding these requires finesse and a good understanding of Panama.


More Reasons to Join us in Panama

Residency is one key part of a full week at the Summit. We have organized a great event with you in mind. Please see the event website for the complete program including:

Deals, Pitches, Investment Updates
Deepening Your Investor Prowess
Live Forever with a focus on Regenerative Medicine
Get to Know Obris
Because it is Panama