Issue 20.2, Auckland, 15 July 2020

We are optimistic about Southeast Asia. Ok, we are downright bullish about the long-term prospects for Southeast Asia.

Obris has hosted Global Investor Summits in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Singapore. Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia are on the horizon.

We have built strategic relationships in the region, relationships with industry experts, VCs, banks, legal teams, governments and entrepreneurs. We have invested in gold mining, consumer goods, logistics and VC funds.

Observing how the region overall copes amidst the current pandemic enhances our belief that the future will be prosperous for Southeast Asia. We expect to benefit from such a future. You can too.

I recorded a podcast last week with Hugh Bickerstaff of Singapore based Vulpes Investment Company. Vulpes has invested billions of dollars in SE Asia. Hugh and the Vulpes team have recently launched the Vulpes Special Opportunity Fund to invest in companies affected by Covid-19.

The fund will invest in growing and sound businesses with short term financing issues. Two of the anticipated 10-12 companies have already been identified as targets of the $5M USD fund.

Until recently, Hugh was the Chief Investment Officer for Australia based Investible. He has significant expertise in identifying sound yet under valued businesses, and then providing the resources to produce exponential growth.

We have collaborated with Vulpes by investing in previous Southeast Asia Funds. Most portfolio companies have performed well so far, even amidst Covid-19.

Why are we introducing you to Hugh and Vulpes?

I met Hugh last year and was quite impressed with his approach to selecting winning companies. His expertise is worth sharing with globally minded investors.

Obris and our members are investing in the fund. If this interests you, let me know. Please note that you must be an accredited investor to invest in any Obris deals.

With that in mind, please watch or listen to my interview with Hugh on the latest Global Investor Podcast.