Issue 20.3, Auckland, 11 December 2020

We have been rather quiet the past several months. When we wrapped up the Angel’s Advocate earlier this year, we began developing content to expand the Global Investor podcast to include this newsletter, deep dive investment research and much more. We also directed our efforts internally to focus on our current members and investors.

It is time to break the silence.

The world has changed this year. For many investors, a confident and wishful appetite for future unicorns and 5x home runs has turned to a commitment to wealth preservation and actioning healthy and stable portfolio growth. Most of us have paused travel whether it was across the world or across town. We are all having to realign our expectations and values around new realities.

Obris is uniquely positioned to navigate such turmoil and uncertainty. In fact, 2020 has been our best year so far between exits and the performance of our portfolio. As an example, our High Growth Debt Fund has continued to return double digit growth, even amidst the pandemic.

Yes, we have had to postpone our Global Investor Summits around the world, but we are all the more prepared to jump back in when it is feasible to do so. We are ready for 2021.


The Global Investor is designed to educate savvy and aspiring investors in ways that will lead to actionable steps.

It is designed to inspire. We travel the world and introduce you to people, places, objects and experiences that may enrich your life. We also invite you to join us as we explore the world.

It is designed to unite. The Obris community is a remarkable group of people from many walks of life and countries around the world. We are collectively committed to grow our wealth, expand our horizons, and truly experience the world.

The Obris website says it best…


Please join us to experience Obris and a whole new world of investing. There is a great deal more content to come.

If you have not visited the Obris website recently, I strongly recommend that you take a look.

Also, consider tuning into to our podcasts which are available on the Obris website. We will be introducing a new podcast next week, where I interview Kim Iskyan of Stansberry Research.


James Evenson, on behalf of the Obris team