Profiting from Crypto Mining in Good & Bad Times 

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Each of us has potential to make significant gains when the crypto world is thriving. Yet given the highly speculative nature of this asset class, there is also much to lose. It takes a gifted entrepreneur to thrive in the down times.

Rolf Versluis has done just that. Armed with an electrical engineering degree, Rolf began his career commanding nuclear submarines for the US military. He went on to establish his career in IT infrasture. In the past several years, Rolf has co-founded multiple companies in the blockchain space including Horizen and his own crypto mining operations in the US state of Georgia.

In our latest interview, Rolf shares how he and his partners have crafted a mining business to make money in crypto throughout the unpredictable and endless cycle of ups and downs. They recently launched the SAIL Crypto Mining Fund that that will allow other accredited investors to gain from their endeavors.

If investing in SAIL interests you, please contact us. SAIL is managed by Crown Financial Services. Investments may be made directly through Obris by Crown Private.