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6 REASONS TO JOIN US IN PANAMA — Obris by Crown Private

The Panama Global Investor Summit is less than 90 days away. We have organized an outstanding event for you. Whether you want to consider residency or incorporate in one of the best tax jurisdictions on the planet, you are looking for new investment opportunities, you want to improve your investment prowess or you just want to get to know a group of remarkable people, this event will afford all that and more. Take a look below and check out the event web page and program. 


Obris is about deals. You will be introduced to several new deals that we have crafted for Obris members. We will hear from several of the companies in which we have invested; some will offer updates; others are raising new rounds of financing. We will also introduce you to some of the most successful investors in Panama. According to one of the local experts who will be with us, there are significant undervalued opportunities available to strategic investors.


Learn why a growing number of Obris members call Panama home. It is one of the best countries for residency, a second passport and incorporation. We will gather a team of Panama’s foremost experts on residency, taxation, incorporating, banking, real estate and getting established in Panama. Our members will be on hand to share their own stories.


We will hear from and interact with experts in a number of financial sectors including crypto-finance, metals, cannabis, security, assessing risk, international banking and more. All, with the intent to deepen our ability to grow wealth well into the future.


Most of us want to extend our longevity, and to live healthy and exuberant lives. We have invited local and international experts to help us understand how we can do just that, with topics including advanced stem cell therapies and the use of cannabinoids in regenerative medicine.


Obris is about People. What better way is there than spending a week with accomplished, self-made and successful investors. 


We have few rules in Obris. One is “No death by PowerPoint.” We will feast on the tropical splendor of this amazing city and the surrounding region. Expect to be woo’d by great restaurants, rooftop bars, perfect sunsets, the Panama Canal and one of the most vibrant cities on the planet.