Panama Global Investor Summit

July 15–20, 2019, Le Meridien Hotel in Panama City

Countdown to the Obris Investor Summit Panama 2019








Learn why a Growing Number of Members Consider Panama Home…

Local experts will guide us through residency, taxation, structuring companies and Panama investment opportunities.

Global industry experts will address topics including global macro engagement, geopolitical risk assessment, how to improve your prowess as an investor, where is the world of crypto going and how can we make money from it now, and a variety of cutting-edge topics. Expect to learn.

Spend the week exploring Panama residency, taxation, incorporation and investment opportunities with local and global industry experts. There are significant opportunities to invest and to make money, but finding these requires finesse and a good understanding of Panama.

Immerse yourself in Obris — Get to know like-minded investors from around the world. Hear world-class speakers on a variety of topics.

Why Panama?

  • Amazing sunsets
  • A near-perfect tropical maritime climate
  • Caribbean beaches & deep-sea fishing
  • Rivers, lakes & waterfalls
  • Tropical rain forests & dormant volcanoes

We chose Panama for several reasons, one of the most important being that a number of our members call Panama home, and they are all exuberant about the reasons to domicile there.

The financial and banking infrastructures parallel Singapore and are growing even more advanced every day.

Panama is a great place to live.

  • One of the best countries for residency or a second passport
  • Optimal tax & corporate jurisdictions
  • Undervalued investment opportunities
  • No taxation on foreign income

As a resident, only your Panama income will be taxed. All foreign sourced income is exempt from taxation.

Deals, Deals, Deals…

Investment deals are a key offering of Obris. We source, vet and craft unique deals from around the world.

You will be introduced to several investment opportunities that will be offered for the first time at the Panama event. You will also hear from our existing investments with whom we are raising a new round of financing.

Most important, you will spend time with the principals of these investments, learn why we have brought the deals to our investors, and what are our expectations for the companies.

“If you’re interested in finance—if you’re interested in the international globalized world—then by far and away you need to at least check out what Obris has to offer. If you don’t you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

Jason, At the Obris Investor summit Budapest 2018

Expect to learn a lot

Residency, taxation, and how best to structure companies in Panama

Global macro engagement, and geopolitical risk assessment

How to improve your prowess as a Global investor

Why is an obris summit special?

Eight years after the first Obris Investor Summit in Mongolia, our core purpose is the same.

We choose unique locations to gather our members and guests. We stay in great hotels and resorts, eat amazing food and explore exotic and exceptional surroundings and scenery. We introduce a wide range of speaking and discussion content from industry and regional experts. We explore local, regional and global topics that help each of us further develop our prowess as global investors. We introduce carefully vetted deals and spend time with the principals of prospective and existing companies in which we invest.  We get to know amazing people.

Truly, the best way to get to know Obris is to join us at our Investor Summit.

Panama Summit PROGRAM

Navigating Global & Local Risk in Investing

Deepening Investor Prowess 

Making Money in Blockchain & Crypto

Panama Investment, Residency, Tax, Banking & Real Estate

Living Well, Living Healthy & Living Longer

Networking and Relationship Building

Vetted Deal Pitches & Investment Portfolio Updates

Tour Ft. Kobbe Vaults, Panama Canal, Historic Casco Viejo

Experiencing Panama Cuisine, Culture, Vibe and Treasures


Monday, July 15

          5:00pm       Obris Meet & Greet Members & Guests @ Le Meridien lobby Bar (not hosted)

          6:15pm       Members Uber to Member Dinner          

     7-10:00pm       Member dinner @ Solomon’s Montreal Deli & Restaurant

 Tuesday, July 16

    9:15    Registration

    9:45    Welcome & Introduction to Obris

  10:15    Navigating Risk in the World & LATAM, Gavin Strong, Control Risks

  11:00    Discussion & Feedback

  11:15    BREAK

  11:45    Why Most Portfolio Managers are Underperforming and How You Can Profit from Institutionalized Stupidity. Harris    
               Kupperman, Praetorian Capital

  12:15     Discussion & Feedback       

  12:30    Jose Alejandro Rojas, Panama Minister of Promotion of Investment

    1:00    Investing in Panama, Gilberto Arosemena Callan

    1:30    LUNCH

    2:30    Panama Investment Overview from the Ground,Kent Davis, Panama Equity

    3:00    Spotlight on Obris Portfolio

    3:30    BREAK

    4:00    The Bleeding Edge of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine, Jorge Paz Rodriguez, M.D. Stem Cell Institute

    4:45    Discussion & Feedback

    5:00    Wrap-up

    5:15    Uber to Atlas Bank

   6:00     Cocktail Reception & Presentation Hosted by Atlas Bank

 Wednesday, July 17

  9:45     Panama Residency, Tax & Incorporation

10:00    Residency, Tax & Incorporation Overview, Javier Arosemena, Argon Law

10:30    Banking Overview, Oliver Hohermuth & Yendi Osorio, Atlas Bank

11:00    Real Estate, Panama Equity Team

11:30    BREAK

12:00    Panel 1: Residents

12:30    Panel 2: Experts

 12:30    1:1 With the Experts

  1:30    LUNCH hosted by Panama Equity

  2:30    Digital Assets: The Ultimate Insurance Policy, Rayne Steinberg, ARCA

  3:00    ICOs are dead. What now? Opinions from a Crypto-Finance Freak, Rob Viglione, Horizen

  3:30    BREAK

  4:00    Cannabis Industry in LATAM, John Nemanic

  4:30    The Biggest Threat to Security is You, Kyle Gonzales, Obris Premier

  5:30    Wrap-up & Review

  6:00    Free Evening

Thursday, July 18

10:00   Bus to Ocean Reef Islands

11:00   Ocean Reef Islands Tour & Presentation

12:00   LUNCH @ Ocean Reef Islands

   1:00   Bus to Panama Pacifico
             International Economic Free Zone Presentation
             Fort Kobbe Depository

   3:00   Panama Canal Tour, Mira Flores Locks

   5:00   Return to Le Meridien Hotel

   7:00   Cocktail Reception @ Aqua Lounge, Le Meridien Hotel Rooftop

Friday, July 19

  9:30    Pitches: Pitch 15 min; Champion 5 min; Discussion 10 min

  9:45    North Georgia Crypto Mining Fund, Rolf Versluis, LeVar Fraiser, Reggie Brown

10:15    APIMatic, Adeel Ali

10:45    Make.IT, Philipp von Gottberg

11:15    BREAK

11:45    Cooks Global, Keith Jackson, Sam Boyer

12:15    Preventum, Steve Huff & Kerrod Holzheimer

12:45    Obris on the Horizon

  1:30    LUNCH hosted by Cooks Global Foods

  2:30    Obris Investment Successes

  3:00    Cannabinoids in Regenerative Medicine, Sandra Carrillo, M.D.

  3:30    BREAK & Cooks Coffee presentation, Sam Boyer

  4:15    Longevity Panel

   4:45   Final Remarks & Wrap-up

   5:15   Conclusion

Saturday, July 20 – Sunday, July 21

                             Obris Premier Weekend. This is a weekend devoted exclusively to our Premier Members. If you would
                             like to join us, please ask about Premier Membership in Obris.


Our Panama 2019 Speakers

Gavin Strong

Control Risks

Harris Kupperman

Praetorian Capital

John Nemanic

Saviandina Cannabis

John Schaible

Atlas Bank

Kent Davis

Panama Equity

Kyle GonzaleS


Red Hat

Marianela Fonseca

Ocean Reef Islands

Rob Viglione


Rolando Garcia

Best Safety Boxes

Sandra Carrillo, M.D.

Saviandina Organics SAS

Jorge Paz Rodriguez, m.D.

Stem Cell Institute

Rayne Steinberg


Sara Gremont

Solomon’s Deli

Sam Boyer


Our Sponsors

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Reserve your seat at the summit now to avoid disappointment.

some of our past speakers


What exactly is Obris?

Obris is a membership-based, private global network of individual investors and family offices dedicated to growing their wealth exponentially by investing in a diversified portfolio of asymmetric global opportunities, including: private equity; real estate; forex; cryptocurrency; precious metals and more.

Are you going to sell me on joining Obris?

No. Again, all are welcome to attend these Meet-Up events. No sales pitch here, that’s not why we throw these things. We simply want to grow our network and that means meeting interesting and engaged people like you. By the end of the meet up though, we hope that we have shown the benefits of being a member and you apply to join.


No. All are welcome to attend Obris Meet-Up events. Frankly, if you are the type of person who would be interested in attending then you are probably the type of person we’d enjoy meeting.


You’ll get the full-on experience of what it’s like to be a member of Obris and that’s something that only a select few ever experience.

By a full experience we mean we are going to give you access to some of the exact same deal flow that Obris and its members are investing into. 

We will give you access to our personal network.

We can’t tell you right now if an Obris membership is right for you, and we don’t expect you to join just because you attend this Investor Summit. That’s not what this is about.

But we CAN tell you that there is absolutely no downside to spending a few days in an exotic location, with some of the best and brightest innovators, investors and entrepreneurs around!