Auckland, 9 February 2024

Welcome to the latest issue of the Obris Global Investor Newsletter.

The first Obris event I attended was nine years ago. It was in Auckland, New Zealand.

I was already an accomplished entrepreneur and investor – mostly in frontier markets. My community was small and my investment expertise was narrow.

I attended the Auckland meet up with the goal to change that – to expand my portfolio and my group of peers.

Yet I had no idea what I was in for.

The event speakers, the likes of Grant Williams (RealVision co-founder), Brad McFadden (prolific trader) and Jeff Bone (early crypto innovator) offered deep insights that shaped how I viewed the world, and ultimately how I invested – even to today.

The range of topics was relevant, timely and prescient – all crafted to stimulate the investor mind, and to provide actionable content to help us grow our wealth.

The deal offerings were equally unique – asymmetrical investment opportunities I had yet to find elsewhere.

I was surrounded by other accomplished and adventurous people. They all had something I lacked – expertise in trading, crypto, commercial and residential real estate, gold and silver, agriculture, private equity, early stage, and much more. They also appreciated my expertise and welcomed me as one of their own.

My community grew and my portfolio expanded. I even acquired Obris’ precursor Seraph a few years later – along with business partner, Marvin Yee.

Marvin and I shared the quest to gather like-minded investors, and to curate deals that would bring exponential returns.

Please join us in New Zealand from 7-12 April. I am certain that this will be the best investment of time and money you will make this year. Expect to:

Your greatest risk – you will likely find yourself in exotic locations around the world, with a community of your tribe, growing your wealth.

Join the waitlist today. Registration will start early next week – we will send you a reminder with links to register on Monday.



Sunday Evening (7 April)
Welcome Cocktail Reception at our own Curator’s Lounge

Monday-Tuesday (8-9 April)
10-5: a host of plenary sessions on topics designed to grow your wealth and to live well
Ample time during breaks and lunches to connect with
Obris members from around the world.
Monday Evening: Cocktails & Canapés with the Obris team at the Crown office
Tuesday Evening: dinner on the town

Wednesday (10 April)
Morning: Deal pitches and Obris portfolio updates
Afternoon: Wine (and beer) tasting in the Kumeo Wine Region
Evening: Experiencing Auckland’s night life

Thursday-Friday (11-12+ April)
An excursion to Queenstown, New Zealand’s South Island playground for adventure, dining and exploration
Give yourself a few extra days to experience Queenstown