The Seraph Team

Mark Moline


Few people parallel Mark’s natural talent for networking, and for strategically introducing people to each other. Many a former startup thrive today because of the resources Mark provided at key times. Mark has worn multiple hats in the world of investment ranging from Investment Banker to Venture Capitalist to Angel Investor, and anything that will keep him out of an office in search of potential unicorns. As founder of Seraph, Mark has been involved since day 1. He is the original Adventure Capitalist from whom Seraph was shaped. Based in Wanaka, New Zealand, Mark started life in the US and has lived on all but one continent (so far).

Marvin Yee


Marvin is a master at identifying unique investment opportunities and crafting them into bespoke deals. In addition to serving as Seraph’s senior partner, Marvin is the Managing Partner of Crown Financial Services and its affiliated companies throughout New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. Marvin holds an MBA specializing in accounting and finance. He is a successful serial entrepreneur having listed a number of companies in New Zealand and Australia. He was at one point the youngest Chairman of a public listed merchant bank in New Zealand. His specialty is in creating complex hybrid financial instruments. He is based in Auckland but virtually lives out of an airplane and may be found in airport lounges throughout the world on any given day.

James Evenson


James came to Seraph first as a member, and has found a natural fit engaging the companies in which we invest. His true passion is to make distressed companies thrive. When things go wrong, James is the person you want on speed dial. His expertise includes M&A, restructuring, strategic management and orchestrating leveraged growth. James’ successes range from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. While James has a home in Portland, Oregon, USA, friends and colleagues are seldom surprised to find James anywhere but home.