Bangkok, Thailand – 20 May 2022

After imploring you to “Get back on the Horse of Travel” last week, we have an exciting travel opportunity for you.

Kim Iskyan in Global Investor podcast. how to invest?

 There is no better opportunity to get to know Obris, our community and what makes Obris unique than to experience an Obris event first-hand.

Consider this your invitation to join us in Thailand.

I am certain that you will know right away that you have found your “tribe.”

You will get to know our members, successful people like yourself who have a quest for adventure and to grow their wealth.

You will experience Thailand – Thailand is open for business with minimal entry requirements.

You will enter the inside track of bespoke deals that we curate exclusively for Obris members.

Do I have your attention?

As an added bonus, you will have a front row seat at the filming of our feature film, 0600 with Christopher Lambert and Kim Bonifay, our lead actors.

The Meet-up
Our goal with each Obris event is to extract the best of what the destination has to offer, to educate our members on a broad range of topics relevant to global investors, and, perhaps most important, to facilitate and prosper an amazing community.

The Thailand event is unique in that we are also participating in the final days of filming 0600. We will be on set on the streets of Bangkok. We will also get to hang out with our A-list actors at the wrap party.

We will spend the first few days in Bangkok. Filming will take place the evenings of June 28-29. We will be free to explore the city during the day. We are also working on a few excursions like the Floating Markets, Bangkok River Cruise, and of course rooftop bars.

The wrap party with cast and crew will be on June 30th.

From there we will head to the beach.

We will also have a one-day member meeting that will include a portfolio update, presentations and deal pitches.

We are still finalizing the schedule but want to get the dates to you so that you can make plans.

Are you ready to join us in Thailand?
Since this is an intimate event, we are managing registration the old fashioned way. Please press the button “Connect with Obris” below to send me an email.

Would you like to discuss the benefits of membership and what to expect from Thailand before jumping in? Please send me a message, and I will reach out to set-up a call.

Adventure awaits
We look forward to welcoming you to Thailand and showing you the best of what Obris has to offer.