Malaysia – 1 July 2023

We frequently explore locales for future Obris Meet Ups. I assure you that between our ever-growing list and requests made by members, we have many exciting and educational adventures ahead.

The Short List
Malaysia has been on our short list for a long time. You may recall that I have written about Penang, considering it as a future place of residence. And one to consider recommending to others.

This is thanks to a recommendation from a long standing Obris member. Robert and his family reside in Penang where they enjoy a phenomenal way of life with a relatively low cost of living.

Marvin has longed to share his native land with us – Kuala Lumpur in particular. He is also eager to share several prospective investments that we have been vetting in the region.

Malaysia is best known for its multicultural society, diverse culinary scene and its nature – stunning beaches, national parks and historical significance including four UNESCO World Heritage sites.

You will not be underwhelmed.

The country is divided into two distinct areas: Peninsular Malaysia directly north of Singapore and East Malaysia on Borneo’s northeast coast. The two regions are separated by the South China Sea.

With a population of 33.57 million people, the country’s three largest ethnic groups include Malays (60%), Chinese (20%) and Indians (9%).


We are hosting the September Obris Meet Up in two spectacular cities – Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown.

Kuala Lumpur – 10-11 September
Most of us refer to Malaysia’s capital and business center merely as K.L. ¬†This Southeast Asia hub can be reached from Bangkok and Singapore with a short one hour flight.

Our home will be the JW Marriott in the Bukit Bintang district – known for upscale malls, sidewalk cafes, al fresco bars and live music clubs.

The perfect setting for an Obris event, eh?

Georgetown – 12-14 September
Georgetown is on the island of Penang a few hours north of K.L. by car. It is a hub for foodies, adventurers and expatriates including those who are taking advantage of the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) visa that we will explore.

Georgetown dates back to the 1770s when the British East India Company established the maritime spice trade route along the Malacca Straight. The oldest portion of the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will experience a genuine taste of history, as we are staying at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel that fronts the Malacca Straight. This British colonial style hotel dates back to 1885. Its original Heritage Wing underwent a top-down restoration a few years ago.

The E&O is steps away from every cuisine you can imagine.

The Program
We experimented with a three part daily schedule in Istanbul earlier this year. Participants appreciated the balance of content, exploration and connecting – all key traits for which we strive with every Obris event.

Mornings are devoted to learning about the Malaysian commercial landscape, prospective investments, becoming better investors and the Obris’ investment portfolio.

Afternoons are given to exploring – K.L., Georgetown, and prospective investments.

Evenings are reserved for dining, drinking and connecting with Obris members – with like-minded investors from across the globe.

Please visit the Event website by clicking on the button below – to learn more about the Malaysia program and to register. Early Bird pricing ends 31 July.

Does Malaysia peak your interest? It certainly should.

We are finalizing hotel and meeting contracts and will have venue details and the event fee to you in the next weeks.

Please let us know if you are ready to add this to your calendar.