Auckland, New Zealand – 2 August 2022 

Memories from Thailand are still fresh. We had an absolute blast gathering in Bangkok and at the beach in Chonburi earlier this month. Following a brief review, we are pleased to announce the next Obris Global Investor Summit, to be held in Miami, Florida from October 28 – November 2.Marvin and I spent last week in Thailand with a group of Obris members.

Our group of approximately 25 people offered a glimpse of the people who make up Obris. Note that this was an intentionally small and intimate gathering for Obris. Expect a much larger, yet still intimate crowd at the Global Investor Summit.

Those who gathered with us represent 15+ countries and hold at least twice that number of passports (through chosen residency and/or citizenship). We flew to Bangkok from four continents and several islands.

We are entrepreneurs, industry leaders, attorneys, private equity financiers, personal asset managers, blockchain geniuses and commercial farmers.

Amongst us were men and women who have successfully exited multiple start-ups and are currently working toward their next multiple X return.

Others are active investors who balance their investing time with their careers.

Perhaps most consistent were individuals who have navigated their time and resources from successful careers to create lives where they now manage their assets. People who spend their time doing what that want, while making their money work for them.

Thailand is an easy sell – with every visit, the beauty, culture and mix of people make me want to experience more.

As with every Obris event, we went to Thailand to EXPLORE, CONNECT and LEARN.

Our starting point was the final night of filming for our feature film, 0600, starring Christopher Lambert and Kim Bonifay. 

From there, we explored food, culture and night life, including a favorite for many of us, the Above 11 rooftop bar in the heart of Bangkok. Each of these venues provided a spectacular backdrop for conversation, and the creation and deepening of relationships.

Each Obris event provides a deep dive into regional investment prospects. We hosted Fund managers, a senior VP with the Bank of Thailand, real estate investment specialists and entrepreneurs. All with an eye toward finding asymmetrical investments in Thailand and the neighboring countries.

Announcing the Miami Global Investor Summit

I cannot think of a better place to hold an event than Miami. 

And it is not merely because of the beaches, exotic Latin culture and nightlife. Those were important considerations though.

Most, if not all governments have revealed their true colors in the past two years. 

While most imposed significant restrictions to individual sovereignty and freedom, Florida’s leadership chose a different path, one that promoted freedom for individuals to make choices for themselves. Miami deserves to be explored.

Many of us are wrestling with and deeply considering how we will thrive in this current and wildly chaotic era. Let’s do so together in a place that is thriving.


Thriving in a Crumbling World: Improving Your Wealth,
Your Health & Wellbeing, Your Happiness and Your Longevity

We are organizing a great line up of presenters to walk with us through these important and timely topics, and to help us take actionable steps forward. Here is a glimpse at our line-up, and we will introduce other presenters in the coming weeks.

We will kick off the Summit the evening of October 28 with rooftop cocktails overlooking the Miami Bay.

October 29-31 will be the Global Investor Summit with presenters, panels, deal pitches from companies we have thoroughly vetted, an excursion and time to interact with each other and our presenters.

We will have a member meeting, portfolio review including live updates from some of our portfolio companies, and dinner on November 1.

November 2 will be a day to hang out and relax, with an optional excursion for those who want to explore Miami.

Stay tuned for details on our hotel in the next week. We will share details on our meeting space and discounted room rates at a property that overlooks the Miami Bay in one of Miami’s thriving neighborhoods.

Marvin and I look forward to spending time with you in Miami!

All the best,