Today I continue my conversation with Skinner Layne, the founder of Exosphere.

We discuss the degradation of language, the spending of the capital that Moore’s Law provided us and the benefits of a classical education.

For those who prefer the TLDL (too long, didn’t listen) version, I suggest the following passage at a minimum: 11:45 – 18:38, and provide the below for your consideration:

  • If you want to examine one of the best works of criticism on the breakdown of language, look no further than George Orwell’s novel, 1984.
  • Orwell envisions a future dystopian, authoritarian society where people are in large part controlled by the manipulation of language.
  • The trouble with abbreviated speech (texting, acronyms, etc) is not that people use it to communicate, but that they know no other way to communicate.
  • When we lose the ability to engage in long form, meaningful and deep communication, language degrades, and then the information that can be produced and transmitted also degrades.
  • When we can’t express complex ideas through language, we lose our power.
  • The faster we can communicate and share ideas the more we evolve. The degradation of language reduces our ability to evolve faster.

If you have not already, I suggest listening to the previous installment first, as this podcast builds on that one.

Enjoy this second installment, and be sure to come back to listen to part III next week!

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– Mark

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” – George Orwell, 1984