A few years ago I was contacted by a reader who was embarking on a new adventure. He was heading down to South America to go work with an organization that was creating a new type of incubator/accelerator.

Unfortunately we lost touch, but recently he reached back out to me and we began a new dialog. He has been in Vina Del Mar, Chile for the last few years working with the organization he originally joined, which is called Exosphere. Hearing him explain what he’s been working on really inspired me, and I wanted to speak to Exoshpere’s founder, Skinner Layne.

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As I knew we would, Skinner and I hit it off straight away. We’re both optimists, futurists and believers that although things are getting better, there is still much that needs to be fixed.

A lot of what needs “fixing” is our educational system. I’ve spoken about this at length before in various forums. Our institutions are broken, the curriculum is flawed and the students are being coddled in such a manner as to believe fairy tales like, “everyone is entitled to succeed!”

This has given rise to a generation that has never been exposed to a classical education. A generation that believes they are owed success without effort. A generation that values money as a vanity metric.

Exosphere has been developed to de-program and reverse the damage that has been done. It’s called the Exosphere Academy, which is an 8-week program that helps its students find their place and navigate their life and career in the Creative Economy. Build new expertise in a specific domain and foster their curiosity & creativity by working on projects with their new peers.

The program is divided into different “waves” that are connected through a unique core curriculum to foster cross-pollination of ideas and interdisciplinary exchange.

Currently based in Vina Del Mar, Chile, Skinner is moving the operation to Florianopolis, Brazil shortly, and we’ll discuss the reasons for this at length in the podcasts.

I think you’ll find Skinner’s personal story intriguing, inspiring and even reinvigorating. There are a lot of very smart people working to change the world and create a better future for us all. Skinner is one of the good guys.

Enjoy this installment, which is the first of three podcasts with Skinner, and be sure to come back to listen to the others next week!

– Mark

“The coming job apocalypse is actually good news. It means you have the opportunity to take control of your life and set its own direction.” – Skinner Layne