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Oregon, USA – 28 January 2022

This is the final article in our series exploring the four Obris principles of Freedom, Wealth, Adventure and Connection.

Let’s Review
We live to create our own destinies. We thrive when we are free to travel and explore the world. Freedom is choosing where we want to live, who we want to live with, and how we want to spend our time.

The Obris definition of wealth focuses less on what we have attained and more on the pursuit of greater wealth. Obris members demonstrate their wealth by the choices they make, what they value, where they live and how they prioritize use of their time. Our goal is to help you make your wealth work for you.

AdventureIt is in our DNA. Obris members share the common traits of taking risks and exploring the unknown. Some are experts and others are adventurers in training.

Think about your childhood. Do you remember family gatherings or picnics with your parents and their friends? The adults would send the kids off to play, and play we did, making instant connections with people with whom our only commonality was proximity, blood, or approximate age.

Or, consider how easily kids in the neighborhood with nothing in common besides their bicycles and a shared street become fast friends. Relationships that will last forever, right?

But what about your social circle today? How many of us need more than two hands – one, probably, for most of us – to count the number of real friends with whom we have an enduring connection… with whom we have enough in common to actually want to spend time together?

Would you really want to be stranded on a desert island – or even just go on a weekend getaway – with the people you know from your gym, your neighborhood or your country club?

The answer to this question explains the burgeoning cottage industry dedicated to helping us find the people (or special person – to use the cliched phrase) – who are part of our tribe.

But for global investors like you and me, that business – and the endless apps designed to help you find your people – just don’t do it. 

You deserve to find your tribe
It’s a basic human desire to want to be a part of a community of people linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect.

All too often, though… it can feel impossible to find.

If you are anything like me, you want a community of people with whom you share similar world views, common interests, perhaps a fairly narrow set of values, and even more importantly people who have a similar passion to extract the most from life.

What is Your Tribe?
I first got to know Obris at an event in Auckland, New Zealand several years ago. I had read the founders’ blog for a few years prior, and was intrigued by the people they described, what they had in common, and how members explored exotic locations and world-class cities together.

Within the first hours of the Auckland event, I felt like I had a great deal in common with the members I met.

They were entrepreneurs, mostly self-made. They were confident in who they were – but not arrogant about what they had achieved.

Like me, they wanted more from life than a successful career, an annual two-week vacation at an all-inclusive resort, and a quiet retirement on the golf course. They were adventurous, experienced travelers who were eager to explore the world.

The people I met were also astute investors with significant experience in sectors that complemented my own expertise in frontier markets, and with restructuring companies.

I knew I could learn a lot from members who had expertise in commercial real estate, precious metals, agriculture, stock trading, and – then still in the early days – crypto and blockchain investing.

The Obris Crowd
Obris brings together a great bunch of people.

From the beginning, wealthy individuals and couples have found their “home” with Obris.

I love the way my friend and long-term Obris member Fran describes Obris as her country club without walls. Fran has an abundance of friends, lives in a great community and has the ability to surround herself with whomever she wants. Still, she considers her Obris family as the best group of peers and friends she has experienced.

Another Obris member, Jason, described Obris as a place to be mentored by amazing people who have done phenomenal things with their lives. He could just as easily have spoken about himself.

We really are an exceptional group, but you have to experience the connection for yourself.

Connecting in Obris
Obris has been connecting fascinating people with each other for nearly a decade. Since the first meetup in Mongolia, we have hosted gatherings in 20 locations around the planet. These events combine adventure, investor education and intimate moments with like-minded individuals.

A lot of investment group events put the experts on a pedestal. With Obris, greats like Jim Rogers, Doug Casey, Raoul Pal and Grant Williams come to mingle with the rest of us, so that we can all learn from each other. We also have a great deal of fun together.

The Obris community thrives outside of events. Our Slack platform allows members to connect, collaborate, share ideas, brainstorm and evaluate investment opportunities. Some of our channels offer a downright encyclopedic wealth of knowledge and insight.

Perhaps the surest sign that we have created something significant is that members connect outside of Obris. We travel great distances to spend time together – whether it is a dinner in New York or sky diving in Australia. We do business together. We stay connected.

Is Obris Your Tribe?
Few things in life compare to establishing deep, enduring relationships.

Freedom, Wealth, Adventure & Connection collectively define Obris. For a refresher on the first three, please click here to access the Insights page on our website.

Are you longing for collaborators, other successful people with whom you might connect on a deep level? Do you want to sharpen your investment expertise? Do you want to explore the world alongside other fascinating people? I would love to have a conversation with you.

James on behalf of the Obris Team