Bangkok, Thailand – 6 June 2022 

We have been telling you about the Obris gathering in Thailand for the past several weeks. Now, we are counting down the days… It is not too late to commit.

With that in mind, we want to get event details into your hands.

If you have already bought your tickets, here is a glimpse of what to expect.

If you are still deciding, this should push you over – please get in touch with me soon to reserve your spot.

If you are staying home, this is what you will miss. And, we will miss you!

Why are we meeting in Thailand?
Nearly three years have passed since Obris members have gathered together. While we never need a reason, filming of 0600 gives us an excuse to meet in Bangkok.

We have built an intimate event around the opportunity to experience the production of a feature film, but that is just the start. A few highlights include:

Presentations & Member Meeting: Two afternoons are reserved for an interactive time in the boardroom. We have invited world-class experts to present on topics ranging from investing in the region to prospects for living in Thailand. We will also hold a member meeting to update you on Obris and our portfolio companies.

Rooftop Bars, Restaurants, Markets & River Cruises: Bangkok offers an endless array of breathtaking settings to captivate your senses. We are organizing gatherings in several cool places, and you will have ample opportunity to explore on your own.

Connection: Our goal is to provide you with a unique setting to spend time with fellow Obris members, and of course with Marvin and me.

0600: We will be on set one evening to watch Christopher Lambert and his fellow actors perform on a Bangkok rooftop. We will also join the cast and crew for the wrap party when filming 0600 finishes.

The Beach, Golf, Islands & Countryside: After a few days in the big city, let’s relax. I fell in love with the Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa a few weeks ago. It has everything one needs to unwind. Plus, world-class golf courses and a variety of other entertainment options are within minutes of the resort.

Hotels: Please contact me for details. A plethora of great hotels exist in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. I am in discussion with The Mercure Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 and should have this wrapped up in a few days.

Travel: Plan to arrive by the afternoon of 27 June. Feel free to plan your departure as you choose. We will wrap up in Pattaya on 3 July.

See you in Bangkok!
Marvin and I are excited to further Obris’ legacy of bringing remarkable people together in exotic locations. We look forward to this and many future events with you.

Warm regards,